Heat Transfer Paper


Heat transfer paper is a specialised type of paper designed for the transfer of images, graphics, or text onto various surfaces through the application of heat in the Oven. This versatile medium finds use in industries.

Technical Details:

Product: 30gsm paper

Width: 1250mm

Length: 500meters

Key features and considerations associated with heat transfer paper include:

  • Composition: Heat transfer paper is typically composed of a base paper, a coating that reacts to heat, and a protective backing. The coating is often comprised of polymer materials that facilitate the adhesion of the printed design to the target surface.
  • Image Transfer Process: The process of using heat transfer paper involves printing a design onto the paper using appropriate inks. The desired powder coated material substance them. Heat and pressure are applied in oven, causing the design to transfer from the paper to the target surface.
  • Durability and Wash Resistance: The durability of the transferred design is a crucial consideration. High-quality heat transfer paper, when used in conjunction with appropriate printing methods and inks, can result in designs that are wash-resistant and capable of withstanding multiple laundering cycles without significant deterioration.
  • Ease-of Use: Heat transfer paper is designed to be user-friendly, allowing both professionals and hobbyists to create custom designs with relative ease.The straightforward process, from printing to application, contributes to its widespread adoption in various creative endeavours.
  • Specialised Variants: Some heat transfer papers are formulated for specific applications, such as sublimation transfer paper for sublimation printing, which is widely used in the production of sports jerseys and polyester-based products.