About Us

Step into the warmth of SUN, a company that takes immense pride in being the inaugural and exclusive manufacturer of Heat Transfer Decorative films in India. Our dedicated team at SUN boasts to be followed by of extensive experience in the nuanced handling of thin films, specifically geared towards printing and decorative applications.

The impetus to expand our product range of heat transfer applications to encompass newer surfaces for decoration led us to delve into the realm of architectural substrates. Our unwavering commitment to producing best-in-class products has culminated in the launch of the first MAKE IN INDIA films, a domain traditionally dominated by European manufacturers.


A pivotal aspect differentiating us from our competitors lies in our unparalleled ability to source top-tier raw materials.Moreover, our proficiency in accurately reproducing designs in accordance with client specifications, consistently and punctually, further sets us apart.Central to our pursuit of excellence are the dual drivers of Cost and Quality.

The acknowledgment that ourIndian-manufactured product can competently rival the best globally is a source of profound pride for us. We carry this pride with a keen awareness of the accompanying responsibility to uphold the standards of products bearing the"Made in India" distinction.

Architectural decoration, a field demanding a synthesis of artistic vision and robust manufacturing processes, aligns seamlessly with our capabilities. Recognising the relentless challenges posed by weather conditions, we subject our products to rigorous laboratory testing, ensuring their ability to withstand the harshest environments. The longevity of our solutions is augmented by the meticulous application of base-coats, tailored to provide enduring results.

In our steadfast commitment to offer enduring solutions to your decoration needs, we affirm our enduring presence in the industry. SUN stands as a reliable partner poised to meet your decorative requirements with unwavering quality and dedication.